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Veteran Public Speaking Coach And Certified Yoga Teacher Launches New Approach To Tackle Most Common Phobia 

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Professional speaking coach and yoga teacher Margie Newman, MA, RYT 500, guides you through breath, movement, and meditation techniques to improve your onstage presence, face your fears, and deliver your best. Learn strategies to deal with "in the moment" nerves as you take stage as well as ways to become a more calm and confident speaker over time.

Margie is an event creative director, speechwriter, speaking coach, and Kripalu-certified yoga and meditation teacher who is deeply interested in the science and neuroscience of yoga. Her yoga and meditation teachings emphasize breath awareness as a path to mind-body connection, stress relief, and getting out of one’s own way.

Margie first came to yoga over 20 years ago for the movement practice, and then stayed for the mind-body connection. Her curiosity about how yoga and meditation could change our nervous systems in profound ways led her to study how ancient yoga texts and practices align with modern neuroscience.
As a creative director and speaker coach for large events, Margie incorporates pranayama (yogic breathwork) and meditation to help speakers overcome fear and anxiety related to public speaking and find a more calm, confident presence on stage.

How Y4PS Can Help You

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Y4PS prepares speakers to: 

  • Cultivate breath, movement, and mindfulness skills to energize onstage presence
  • Understand and befriend fear, while minimizing its negative effects 
  • Get in touch with your body to feel more confident and comfortable as you present
  • Bring your full voice to the stage, delivering a bigger, more authentic YOU
  • Enjoy public speaking, rather than avoiding or fearing it!


Y4PS is for you if: 

  • You are an experienced speaker, but you’d like to be more comfortable and authentic onstage
  • You are a newer speaker and feel uncertain and a little anxious about taking stage or presenting in small groups
  • You have never practiced yoga before, but you’re open to learning about breath, movement, and mindfulness practices that can help your onstage presence
  • You already have a strong yoga practice and want to apply the ideas of yoga to public speaking
  • You are a curious individual who just wants to know how the heck yoga can help public speakers!