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Yoga for Public Speaking Book and Online Course Now Available

press release Jun 01, 2022
Creator and author, Margie Newman, releases Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS) eBook and online course.



Yoga for Public Speaking Book and Online Course Now Available

June 1, 2022

CHICAGO - Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias, topping fear of spiders, heights, and even death on some surveys. At the same time, presentation skills – both in person and virtually – are more important than ever in many people’s career development. A new approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking is now available. Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS) uses breath, movement, and meditation techniques to improve your onstage presence, face your fears, and deliver your best self to the stage. 

Margie Newman, a public speaking coach for more than 25 years and a certified yoga teacher (RYT 500), has helped hundreds of speakers bring their most important messages to audiences of all sizes, from the boardroom to the ballroom. She brings together her two passions in Y4PS, a book (now available on Kindle) and companion online course to guide participants to become more calm, confident, and authentic speakers.

“The most common issue I’ve seen speakers deal with is fear of public speaking, from small cases of nerves to crippling states of anxiety, and it can cause a lot of suffering and even shame,” said Margie Newman, Y4PS author and creator. “Y4PS uses simple practices that can help shift speakers out of states of anxiety to become more calm, anchored, and grounded. Y4PS allows speakers to ride the waves of public speaking nerves and excess energy to become more comfortable onstage and more authentically themselves.”

Yoga for Public Speaking offers an innovative approach to building onstage confidence. Connecting with what’s happening in the mind, body, and spirit, speakers learn simple yogic strategies – breath, meditation, and movement – to self-regulate the nervous system and regain control. While these practices are grounded in ancient traditions, they are backed by modern neuroscience and presented in a practical, easy-to-implement set of skills and techniques.

Y4PS prepares speakers to: 

  • Cultivate breath, movement, and mindfulness skills to energize onstage presence
  • Understand and befriend fear, while minimizing its negative effects 
  • Get in touch with your body to feel more confident and comfortable as you present
  • Bring your full voice to the stage, delivering a bigger, more authentic YOU
  • Enjoy public speaking, rather than avoiding or fearing it! 

Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS) addresses onstage presence through a new lens, based on an ancient tradition. Using yoga-inspired techniques to rewire your nervous system, speakers can improve public speaking presence, build confidence, and manage the most common public speaking challenges, including performance anxiety. To learn more or to purchase the Y4PS book or online course, visit

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