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What IS Yoga for Public Speaking? Y4PS eCourse Module 1 Part 2

Jun 07, 2023
Y4PS Mod 1 What is Y4PS?

How Can Yoga Help with Public Speaking Skills?

The Yoga for Public Speaking ebook, and online course (or Y4PS for short), offers an innovative approach to building onstage confidence. Connect with what’s happening in your mind, body, and spirit, and learn simple yogic strategies – breath, meditation, and movement – to self-regulate your nervous system and regain control. While these practices are grounded in ancient traditions, they are backed up by modern neuroscience and presented in a practical, easy-to-implement set of skills and techniques.

The second video in module one will answer the following questions I'm sure you have if you're new here.

  • What is Yoga for Public Speaking?
  • Do I have to wear workout clothes?
  • How can Y4PS actually help me at work, during meetings, for presentations?
  • Can these techniques help me become a stronger speaker?





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I’m a professional speaking coach and yoga teacher. You can learn more about me here. After years of teaching public speaking courses and coaching nervous speakers, I discovered that the two skills go hand in hand. My clients were often feeling stressed, anxious, and unsure about how to deliver their message. I was also a yoga teacher at the time, and I noticed that my students were having similar issues. Something needed to change.


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