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What to Expect from Y4PS; Module 1 Part 3

Jun 09, 2023

What to expect from the Yoga for Public Speaking eCourse

Watch the third video in module one to learn what you can expect from this online course in both your body and mind.


Leverage the mind-body connection

Because yoga is so much more than poses, it offers us more comprehensive benefits than physical exercise alone can. And the biggest benefit of all, for our purposes, involves the mind-body connection.

A huge benefit of a yoga and meditation practice is that it has the potential to shift things at a fundamental level – in a sense, to alter your base “operating system” and rewire your nervous system in substantial ways. Through yoga and meditation, you can change the way your nervous system experiences and handles some of the most vexing challenges related to public speaking, such as how to deal with presentation-related fear and anxiety; how to handle feelings of “excess energy” before you take the stage and on stage; and how to direct that excess energy to enhance your delivery, rather than hamper your performance.

As you make these shifts to enhance your presence as a speaker, you may find yoga and meditation changing your life in other ways as well. You might find yourself more prepared to handle difficult conversations of any sort, personal or professional; more steady and ready as you enter high-stakes meetings or job interviews; and less likely to ruminate about conversations you’ve had in the past or worry or be hypervigilant about what may happen in the future.

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