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Yoga for Public Speaking eCourse Intro and Worksheet Part 1

y4ps Jun 05, 2023
Welcome to module one of Yoga for Public Speaking!

Welcome to Yoga for Public Speaking!

In this brief introductory module, you’ll meet your instructor and you’ll learn:

  • What is Yoga for Public Speaking (and what it is not!)
  • What to expect and how to get the most from this course
  • How to begin: by setting for your intention for where you’d like to end up

Be sure to download the PDF worksheet and answer the five questions before you continue your work with Module one. Subscribe to the Yoga for Public Speaking YouTube channel so you don't miss an update. 


Welcome to Yoga for Public Speaking!

Congratulations on taking this important step toward improving your onstage presence. You are about to discover ideas and practices that can help you manage fear and anxiety; become a calmer, stronger, and more confident presenter; and make speaking a more pleasant, even enjoyable experience.

Spoiler alert: these practices can also change your life.


 Download your worksheet by clicking the image below.


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