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Y4PS Module 4: Movement Practices | Final Thoughts

movement y4ps Jul 21, 2023

Final Thoughts on Module 4: Movement Practices

I hope you enjoyed learning these simple movement practices and how to build them upon the breath practices you’ve already learned. Use these so that you feel and appear powerful, confident, and in command of your message and yourself.


In the days and weeks before your presentation, spend 10-15 minutes a day practicing the techniques you learned in this module (download the PDF as a handy guide). 

Observe your experience during and after these practices and notice any effects that may be happening. 



 To recap, Module 4, Movement Practices showed you how:

  • Movement practices can help build onstage ease and confidence

  • To ground, center, and distribute your physical energy without feeling rigid or locked into place

  • To trust your body to simply “be” onstage, rather than to “do” your presentation

  • To be free to take up space both physically and energetically 

    1. Sun Breaths
    2. Mountain Pose
    3. Bamboo in the Wind
    4. Good Vibrations
    5. Calming Waters

Click the image below to download the free PDF workbook for the module 4 movement techniques.


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