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Y4PS Movement Practice Two: Mountain Pose

mountain pose movement Jul 12, 2023

Movement Practice 2: Mountain Pose for Public Speakers

Mountain Pose looks as though you are standing still, but it is actually quite active. This pose will help you to feel strong and centered, and firmly grounded without being anchored in one place.



  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart
  2. Feel the connection between the floor and the four corners of your feet, especially the outside of your heels, and the balls of your feet just behind your big toes
  3. Keeping a small bend in your knees, engage the muscles in your thighs to feel your kneecaps lifting slightly
  4. Engage your core, especially the area between your pubic bone and your navel
  5. Feel your tailbone reaching downward (this may be subtle!) as the crown of your head reaches upwards, extending the length of your spine and bringing your posture a bit more upright
  6. Inhale, feeling your collarbones open to the left and the right, opening your chest a bit wider and making room for breath
  7. Exhale, feeling your shoulder blades sinking a little lower and closer together on your back
  8. Tuck your chin slightly so that the back of your neck is long and your face is not jutting forward
  9. Maintaining this posture, breathe easily and naturally (through your nose if possible)

Stand in your mountain for 5-10 rounds of breath, noticing that you are:

  • Strong and upright, but not stiff
  • Engaged and active, but not rigid
  • Grounded and centered, without being locked into place


I recommend practicing Mountain Pose throughout your day to get used to this active, engaged stance. You can practice this pose anywhere and at any time: while you are waiting in line, riding in an elevator or on a commuter train, or anywhere you find yourself standing for a short period of time.

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