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Meditation Practice One: BOSS (Breathe, Observe, Soften, Smile) Part 2

boss breath meditation y4ps Jul 26, 2023

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices for Public Speakers

We’ll start with a simple technique that I practice with speakers to bring them into the here and now (and away from anxiety and fear); I call it BOSS as an easy way to remember the four main steps. 

Technique 1: BOSS Meditation 

BOSS stands for Breathe, Observe, Soften, Smile. These four steps are available to you any time you want to be the BOSS of your nervous system and to create a more calm and confident presence. 

NOTE: This meditation builds on the Dirga pranayama (three-part breath) that you learned in the last chapter, so we’ll start there.

So as we practice the three meditation techniques in this module, keep in mind that you can practice these anywhere. You could be on an airplane, in your hotel room, you can even do these, if you're waiting to be called to stage, in the 30 minutes before you go on stage. The first technique is called the BOSS Breathing Technique.

It stands for B O S S: Breathe, Observe, Soften, and Smile.

  1. We begin by Breathing the three-part breath to ground and center yourself.
  2. Now Observe your body and mind. Simply acknowledge them, don't analyze or judge.
    1. What physical sensations are present for you?
    2. You might notice a gentle breeze on your skin.
    3. You might feel the air coming in and out through your nose.
    4. There might be some small discomforts present.
    5. What thoughts or emotions are present for you?
  3. Soften to release the physical tension you just observed. As you exhale, Soften. Melt away any tension. Notice any tension in your body and Soften in those areas.
  4. Might seem strange, but equally strategic: Smile. It might not be an authentic Smile. It might be a Smile that you are inviting. You're sending a powerful message to your brain that is going to release some very helpful brain chemicals, some dopamine, serotonin. This will bathe your brain in good stuff.



From this BOSS Breathing Practice, do you notice any shift from the Breathing, Observing, Softening, and Smiling?

Think about how you might incorporate into your public speaking or even your daily yoga practice, and where you might use it so that you can shift out of whatever mode you're in and into the HERE, the NOW. The space of observing without judging the space of relaxing and this space of smiling.

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