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Module 7 Checklist: Ten Best Practices for Rehearsals

public speaking rehearsal Aug 21, 2023

How can speakers cultivate a sense of ease and physical comfort in their onstage, physical presence? A good delivery onstage relies heavily on the way you rehearse, including your strategy for how you will use your body, your voice, and your gestures on stage. 

Over the course of days, weeks, or even months, your presentation has evolved from a single big idea, to a pile of promising raw material, to (finally!) a concise set of talking points and visuals that you have honed, polished, and feel good about. 

Now, it's time to bring that content to stage – either in person or virtually – and to fully embody your message. In this final phase of preparation, the task at hand is to transform the energy of your ideas, words, and visuals into a dynamic delivery. 


Your journey to becoming a more confident speaker is only just beginning. As you take the next steps and move forward with your yoga practice, trust the process, trust yourself, and more than anything, trust your breath.  


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